May 2019

A nightmare of getting a Dutch driving license

If I don’t know how to drive, why was I allowed to drive for the first half a year after my arrival? If, otherwise, I know how to drive, why do I need to learn it? The answer is simple. They want your money. All of it.

Off to see the world

“The thing I admire about the Dutch is that they respect other cultures. They are fine with people deciding what they want. Even if they don’t understand your decision, they are still OK with it.”

Anywhere you go, you’ll miss something

“It is a very peaceful and well-structured society. And you see a lot of men with young children. I think it’s nice that children are growing up with both parents taking care of them.”

A recipe for integration

“My personal recipe for integration is: work, work and work again. This is a chance to communicate to people, to understand that you are not alone, that there are worse situations than yours.”

Dare to change

“Your culture is your roots. If you don’t pull up these roots, if you keep being attached to your old soil, then you can never grow and flourish in a different soil.”

How to build a new life in a new country?

How to be yourself in a country so different from your own? How to become Dutch without betraying yourself? How to preserve your identity and integrate it into the Dutch society?

Let’s start!

Welcome to Thuis in Nederland! This is the blog about integration into the Dutch society. I am an expat living in the Netherlands for 12 years, but a couple of years ago I realised that I don’t feel completely at home here.

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